Starting a New Road

I signed up recently for SlimGenics. I went in there with a very healthy skepticism, and told the counselors there that I don’t want someone to tell me that I should be eating salads and not cheeseburgers. My problem is, I know *what* to eat, I just don’t do it. I don’t do it all in a mental fog of “Just this one time – nothing will happen to me”. As if my brain  has gone totally irrational. Well, it has.

Now that I weigh more than any NFL linebacker, my health is going to become an issue. It’s not right now, for which I thank the Lord and Lady for each day. But someday, I know I will hear the dread words, “You have diabetes” or some other such phrase. I know I can prevent this now.  And I’m taking steps, this time with my eyes wide open and my brain about to be beaten into rationality.

This won’t become a ‘diet blog’ or anything like that – this category will just be my personal journey out of the fat and into the fit, or at least semi-fit. I don’t believe in magic pills or powders, and I’ve tried them all – even OA and FA. Yes, I am a food addict. I think, with the help of the Goddess, I can turn my talents on and my addiction off.

One day at a time.

Blessed Be.

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