Stream of Consciousness

Or: Just a little post to let y’all know I’m alive and stuff. In Internet parlance: **bump**

I have some ideas I’m working on in drafts – definitely not ready for posting yet. I come up with the best stuff just as I’m about to fall asleep.  You think I can remember it the next morning?  Hell, no.

There is definitely nothing to complain about recently, I’ve made some observations about myself and what I’d like to correct, but other than that – no “bad stuff” or even drama. Thank the Goddess. I’d like to get some stuff down on parchment and burn it all away when the moon goes dark in a couple of weeks. Time to work on specifically what I’d like to get rid of.  Spring cleaning for the soul, don’cha know?

I have a Roku box now in my room. It’s amazing. I’m going to be calling the cable company and seeing what sort of deal we can work out, if any.  Otherwise, I’m going to FiOS. Mostly because FiOS will let me have HBO Go.  See, I won an iPad in a drawing at my weight loss center. Yeah.  I really did.  And I know I’m going to be using it as my book and I can read anything I want at lunch. Usually, I practice the bass at lunch, and since Petey found me a little battery powered amp, now I can go to the beach with it.  Yay! I still suck when it comes to legato and speed, but I’m still going to try to master the basics of plucking and muting before I tackle that. Wow.  Taking things in order – this will be new territory for me.

Along with now being at a weight I haven’t seen in over ten years, I’m no longer afraid to get dressed.  I no longer have that dread I used to have before putting on clothing for work. I’m still beating myself up a bit over the lack of exercise, but I’m really going to give yoga more of a try. I subscribed to a Yoga magazine, and am getting excited about it.  I’m going to put together my own routine of poses I can do comfortably now, and refuse to be intimidated by the ones that have my feet horizontal with my head while balanced on one nipple, or some such. Start with the basics. I wish I could find a good guide for that.  I know there’s lots on the Internet, but what I specifically want to know is:

– When to breathe in and when to breathe out – how ‘fast’ should I be going when changing between poses?  Because right now, picture a three-legged giraffe trying to rear up on only one leg….it’s not a pretty thing. I feel awkward and gangly and that’s only in my garage. I know that the gazelle-like awesomeness with which I will move will come with practice, but then I start in with the mental “Am I doing this right?”

– What should I be focusing on while in each pose? I’m so obsessed with getting it “technically” right that I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be getting out of it.

– How long (or how many breaths?) should I stay in each pose? I did take a couple of classes, but they seemed to move very quickly, and I cannot hear the instructor.  Since this isn’t an aerobics class, I can hardly expect her to accomodate my semi-deafness with drill-sergeant-like orders: “Downward dog, your mangy mutt!  Get that butt in the air! Now Warrior II! Up!” and so forth. No, these classes are flowy and dreamy and quiet and peaceful. Therefore, I cannot hear and because it’s HOT yoga (and we are not kidding about the ‘hot’) to minimize injury, I cannot wear my hearing aids. Try wearing two pieces of expensive metal behind your ears with silicone type thingies in your ears and then sweat like a motherfucker. The chances of damaging or losing my really expensive pieces of metal? VERY high. Also the discomfort is annoying as shit. Peace and serenity are not attained by constantly upending your body and adjusting your hearing aids or keeping them from falling out.

Anyway.  So those ar emy issues. Pay for private lessons? Sure!  Better if I just read about it, though.  Talking to me in a calm serene voice only makes me anxious.  Although when I translate something wrong, it’s pretty entertaining.

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