How To Talk to Your Support Professional

I am sure this has been covered elsewhere, but here is a refresher course.


Many of us wear headsets, and your voice is literally right in our ear. So is your breathing. As well as your chewing.

– Do exactly as I say, when I say it.

This is not a control issue. It is because I cannot see your screen, so I have to imagine what I would do to fix it, then verbalize this image to you. While working with me, I can hear you typing, clicking things, etc. If I am taking you through a series of steps, and you are ‘clicking ahead’, then we are both wasting each other’s time. Example:
ME: Please click on the “Start” button.
YOU: Nope, it’s not working.
ME: Did you click on the start button?
YOU: Yes, and then my email didn’t work and I can’t get to the Internet either!

– Do not lie to me.

I know everybody lies, but in this case, you will NOT get in trouble by telling me the truth. If the error message reads “No domain servers are available to service your request” then read that to me. Don’t ad-lib it into “It says something about how I can’t connect”. Read. It. To. Me. Word for word because it’s one thing if there are no domain servers available; it’s quite another if it says “Invalid username or password”.

 – Don’t take it out on me.

I know you are frustrated or unable to work; otherwise you would not be calling. I am not the person who modified your account/expired your password/broke your machine/wrote the offending software. My job is to help you over whatever hurdles you are encountering.  While you are waiting for my help, try to take a few breaths, and get things in perspective.  Your call goes much easier when we are partners instead of adversaries.

I’m sure there is much more, but this covers it for today.  Enjoy!


~ Namaste

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