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Writing and Exercising

Two things I’m going to make a habit of – writing and exercising. Exercising is more or less something I try to do every day.  Since my knee is gone, or mostly gone, I’m stuck with upper body work.  Which … Continue reading

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Hi, Ana-Banana!

Say, looks like I’ve been absent!  Well, time for the stream of consciousness spring to flow once again. I’d love to continue writing documentation about how to do simple things in Exchange – although in a “Cinema Noir” style. Let’s … Continue reading

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How To Talk to Your Support Professional

I am sure this has been covered elsewhere, but here is a refresher course. – Try not to BREATHE SO HEAVILY INTO THE PHONE. Many of us wear headsets, and your voice is literally right in our ear. So is … Continue reading

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Fainting Away

I have a tube in my arm. It’s installed just inside my right tricep. It contains a tube that goes through a vein and ends up near my heart. It’s all I can think about since it has dangling appendages … Continue reading

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Stream of Consciousness

Or: Just a little post to let y’all know I’m alive and stuff. In Internet parlance: **bump** I have some ideas I’m working on in drafts – definitely not ready for posting yet. I come up with the best stuff … Continue reading

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It’s happening.

I have lost over 45 pounds so far. Eighteen inches total off my bust, waist, thighs and hips. Moderately exercising and sticking to my eating plan has been key. Slip-ups have happened, but by learning to be honest about them … Continue reading

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Starting a New Road

I signed up recently for SlimGenics. I went in there with a very healthy skepticism, and told the counselors there that I don’t want someone to tell me that I should be eating salads and not cheeseburgers. My problem is, I know … Continue reading

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