Weekend Storms Possible

Ah, is there a sweeter thing to read on the morning news than that? Only thing better would be “Weekend Storms Definite With Lots of Lightning and Thunder and Sweet, Sweet Rain”. Clearly, I like storms.

Recently, I’ve been trying to find a true magical name. I should have gone to Mabon, but I was simply too sick. I’ve had a cold that turned into raging bronchitis. Due to a lack of health insurance, I’ve been relying on old school remedies such as soup, tea, and bed rest. While that hasn’t shortened my suffering or even eased my symptoms much, I am healing. however, my brain has been so full of cobwebs that I’ve not been able to work anything spiritual at all. There are so many things I want to encompass into the name, such as totem animals, my love of storms, and certain personal qualities such as wisdom, learning, strength and peace.

I need something more specific or else the name will come out something like ‘Stormmoonhawkwise’ or whatever weird fantasy-like name that I cannot take too seriously.  This needs to be something deeply personal, truly reflective. I suppose now is not the time to reflect since I’m definitely not in a mental state to do so.

Ah well – serenity will return; of that I’m sure.

Blessed be.

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Merry meet!

Being a design student after immersion in the technical field for 15 years is quite a strain on my brain. The technical side sure comes in handy when the design part notices something wrong with a font, or why someone would position that photo on a website a little differently due to browser limitations.

Design is not as easy as I’d made it out to be in the beginning. Why I walk into something new with that “Hey, I can totally bat this outta the park!” attitude is beyond me. Confidence is fine, but arrogance is what needs to be batted outta the park.

Well. As soon as I figure out a theme for what I want to blog about, I will certainly incorporate that here.  Otherwise, it may just end up being stuff I find funny or odd, like all the other blogs out there. Yeesh.

~Blessed Be!

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